MAIN RULE: you will probably find some stuff listed with NOT mean I'm not able to copy the cd or video, sometimes becouse I cant copy NTSC VHS (and i have many of them) or maybe becouse I'm not allowed to make a copy of certain stuff, so please do not ask me for these stuff listed with NOT TRADING, I cant do nothing for you sorry.

I'm always very friendly with anyone but I dont like receive bad surprises, when I do trade I'm always 100% serious so please follow these really easy rules and it will be a very nice transaction for sure! Obviously I will follow them too.

1) - I DONT accept CDR mp3 BASED. It mean if you are thinking to send me a cdr made with mp3 you will never get nothing back from me, becouse i found a program for detect if the cd come out from mp3s or tape (wav). Please be very serious about it!!! If you are not sure about the source of your stuff you must notice it to me BEFORE send me any stuff!

2) - I Dont accept any exchange on money, I'm not a seller, this site is only for trades between fans and collectors, without any lucrative purpose, so please do not ask me to SELL or sent FREE stuff to you, this is a TRADE site.

3) - All the trades will be done on these following ways : 1:1 (one CD for one CD; one VIDEO for one VIDEO), or 2:1 (two CDs for one VHS or DVD). This last way is only for incoming stuff, thats mean that if you want i will send you two cds to get one video but i dont trade one video to get two cds.

4) - If you contact me first, you should accept to send the material first, do not ask me to send my stuff first if we never traded yet.

5) - VERY IMPORTANT : Use only high quality CD-R (SONY, TDK or VERBATIM).

6) - In live records, copy your disc only with DAO system (Disc at Once).

7) - Don't write on discs.

8) - Send the CD's without box. Send it in pack envelopes.

9) - If you have a very rare material, I will probably accept trades on mp3 if you dont have nothing better.

10) - Send all the stuff with PRIORITY AIR MAIL, if the stuff is many its better choose to REGISTER the box before sending.

If you are agree with these rules send me an email at

I can understand that for many people trading with me could be very hard because I got many stuff but I'll give you another chances to trade with me...check my

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